Independent Film Spotlight: Shades of Blue


Shades of Blue (Kelly Daniela Norris, 2012)

This beautiful trailer for Shades of Blue (2012) comes from writer/director Kelly Daniela Norris.

Synopsis: In the wake of her brother’s suicide, a young Mexican woman, Maribel (Seedne Bujaidar), books a one-way ticket to the place he'd always dreamt of going – Cuba. Wandering the streets of Havana, Maribel attempts to escape her grief, but the city’s rhythms and strangers just serve to trigger tortured ruminations and memories of him. It is only when she bonds with Eusebio (Yasmani Cancio) a petty thief and skilled woodcraftsman – that Maribel begins to face her demons. As the two leave Havana to traverse Cuba, Maribel recognizes a growing attraction between them, and must decide whether to open herself up to love and loss once again.

Norris' own grief with her brother's passing is what spurred her on to complete the script of this film and get it funded (which she has managed to do, with an impressive kickstarter campaign). The elegant dialogue and personal touches in the script leave you with a taste of something sweet; something you definitely want to come back for. Kelly Daniel Norris has done a brave thing, especially for a feature film, a debut nonetheless - she has shared her own personal truths about life, love and death and laid herself open for critique. Respect must be given where it is due. How many filmmakers will go so deep into their own grief knowing the risks these days? With a trailer and script as impressive as this however, I don't think Norris will have to worry too much about any negativity. I can only see this being the start of a wonderful career for all involved in this production.

After viewing the trailer, I was left feeling like this wasn't just any other aspiring filmmaker trying to 'make it' in the industry. I was left feeling like we were getting a genuine story that she wanted to share with the world. No catches, no strings attached - just watch it and listen to what she has to say. It reminds me somewhat of a Sofia Coppola film: airy, dreamlike and filled with charming subtleties. 
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  1. This looks interesting and beautiful. I'm not a huge Sofia fan, but this one really intrigued me.

    1. Ah, see Sofia is one of my favourite directors. I just instantly got that feeling watching this trailer.

      It is a lovely trailer, I really hope to see more from Norris soon! Keeping my eyes on this one. :)


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